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Royally stupid

To help out with the current situation in Japan, our unbeloved Princess Märtha Louise has done the following to help (quotes from the facebook page of her “angel school”).

“Send the angels to the disaster area to give their light, their frequency, their tone so that mother earth can come to balance as quick as possible”.

WOW.. I frequently get pissed off at her for being a credulous half-wit spreading utter bullshit, but this latest crap.. Is she’s deliberately trying to make me puke in my mouth!?

Martha Louise, royally stupid

For years she has been spewing out moronic crap about the angels she can see (and for a hefty sum, she’ll teach you to contact your angles). She can also talk to the dead of course, and no crank would be complete without claiming to be able to do healing.

I’ve always despised monarchism, it’s archaic, useless and wastes huge piles of taxpayer money on those .. Suffice it to say, the Princess of woo does not improve that image one bit.

At least I’m delighted to see the facebook page for that asinine angel school of hers is getting flooded with trolling and negative comments which seems to come from 4chan and lots of Norwegian facebook users who think their actions are distasteful, maybe there is still hope for this country.

On behalf of Norwegians who are not severely delusional, we’re sorry (and embarrassed as hell), some people are just beyond help :(

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