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New blog, jekyll and github

I used to have a blog back in the days. Using Wordpress to host my own site, custom theme and plugins and all sorts of nifty stuff. Sadly most of the content is long lost (I might have a look and see if I have a backup export somewhere, if no there is always the WayBack machine which I might use to recover a post or two.

And after a 5 year break I feel it’s time to start blogging again, mostly it will probably be infrequent stuff about software development, game development and maybe even a few arduino projects.

After looking at solutions like Wordpress and Tumblr, I decided to go with something simpler and less userfriendly and ended up with Jekyll, which is pretty damn awesome as it uses git, github and markdown to power the website. This means I can edit everything as I would any project using git, and just push it to github to update the blog. Getting it to work was a breeze (mainly just forking and started editing)

I also always have full controll of the data, and since the blog lives on github and my github account is always mirrored locally I won’t have to worry about backups

Update: 2017-10-25

Been over a year since I made this post, and in a fit of productivity sparked by reading my friends awesome blog I’ve decided to actually start using it, and using the WayBack machine to resurrect some blog posts from my old site, putting them up using the waybackmachine tag

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