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Fedcon 2011 - Day 2

Friday 29.04.2011

Up early, eating my sliced German bread with nutella and coke (maintaining a healthy diet while at a convention is always my top priority).

I arrived at the convention in time for the photoshoot with Kate Hewlet at 10:00, and she was really nice to everyone who had their picture taken.

I listened to the Robert Duncan McNeill panel, which was very funny and included alot of humor between Robert and Garret Wang.

Fedcon 2011 Robert McNeill and Garret Wang

For some reason I missed the Scott Bakula fotosession at noon, and the 13:30 photoshoot with garret wang was cancelled, as was the 14:30 photoshoot with Paul Watson. From 12 to 18 there was mainly the autograph sessions, but I did not bother getting any this year.

I did however meet some nice people at the Sea Shepherd booth, and got to have my picture taken with captain Watson, after all he doesn’t have that many Norwegian fans. I also took a weirdly posed picture with Paul McGillion which I’m curious how will turn out, I guess the Indiana Jones hat will be the recurring themes from this years Fedcon pictures of me.

Fedcon 2011 Erlend Aakre Paul Watson

I walked around alot, and ran into Zach again, and ended up being his photographer for a little while.

At the infinite space both, I got to play another mission, where you defend a space station against 3 waves of klingon attacks. I also got to study the game on a HD tv and the graphics again managed to amaze me, considering it’s a browser game (I might even have to stop using the term “browser game” as an insult).

The controls also seemed better today, and I got to see a bit of the lobby, and menus (crew, items, ships, etc..) and I’m now looking even more forward until the game is released (sometime this summer a very loose rumor said, but I kinda doubt it.. I’d guess no earlier than the last quarter for 2011).

For dinner I had nesquik chocolate milk and cold pancakes from the airport grocery store :) a substantial nutritional improvement from last nights dinner, which shall remain nameless. I actually considered heating up vegetarian bratwursts with the hair dryer in my hotel room, but ultimately decided against it :)

Vegetarian Bratwurst Chocolate milk

After all that walking around it was great to sit down in the main convention hall at 18:00 to take in the interviews. Richard Dean Anderson was a lot more fun than I was expecting (never seen him live or doing panels before), and lots of people in Stargate uniforms got on stage and gave him a gift or award or something like that.

Fedcon 2011 Richard Dean Anderson

Paul McGillion followed and was also great. Same goes for Scott Bakula who was really funny, and did a surprising amount of singing. This is only my second convention so haven’t seen Marina Sirtis before (think she’s been to Fedcon like 6-7 times), she was very funny and told all sorts of interesting stories, it’s funny how she’s the complete opposite of Troi :)

Fedcon 2011 Scott Bakula and Marina Sirtis

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