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Certified Heathen

The Norwegian Church (yes, we have an official state religion, which sucks) loves to sign up as many as possible as members, if you’ve been baptized you’re in, if you’re parents have been baptized you’re in. And when the was changing to a new central database they used the census data (everyone in Norway) as the starting point. Many people have had to leave the church like 2-3 times. No wonder 81% of all Norwegians are members, even though only 7% of the population goes to church every month.

I’ve never been baptized or had anything to do with the church, but because of their rather creative membership policies, I decided it couldn’t hurt to check:

Certified heathen

The letter above is from the Norwegian central registry, listing which faith based organisations I’m a member of: “No information registered”.

In other words I’m now a state certified Heathen! :D

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