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Operation silent computer

Everything comes at a price. For example, my new computer though being able to run Crysis pretty smooth, sounds like a small hovercraft. And I’ve decided to move the computer out into the hallway.

Step 1: Drill a large hole in the wall between the living room and the hallway, the hole is up under the roof, next to the projector screen

hole in wall for cables

Step 2: Order one 10 meter long DVI cable, 2 PS2 cables, 3x audio cables and wait around 2 weeks :(

Step 3: Extend the hole to so that the DVI connector fits trough it :)

Step 4: Put a junction box over the hole and run all the cables trough it

cables through hole in wall

Step 5: Put the PC in the hallway on top of your weapon safe and connect all the cables, then close up the junction boxes

computer in hallway

Step 6: Enjoy your very tidy desk (that shuttle computer on my desk is my trusty server hosting, etc..)

computer setup

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