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Too cold.. Time to move


Norway sucks, It’s way to cold and it’s only practical to drive a motorcycle for 6 months of the year :(

I therefore propose this plan to move Norway to a better location, I might seem like lots of work, but if everyone pitch in I’m sure we could move it before next summer.

Suggestion 1

Norway next to Portugal

By using some leftover parts of Finnmark, we could fit perfectly as Portugal’s new neighbor, and the Bay of Biscay would make an excellent lake. This option is also the easiest since we don’t have to move Norway very far.

Suggestion 2

Norway next to California

Putting Norway just outside California might be a good location, and a bridge between Trondheim and Los Angeles would make for a nice 4 hour car trip.

But we would have to move Norway around Cape Horn, so it would be a lot more work than moving to Portugal.. But it would probably be worth it.

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