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Engrish from focalprice

There’s a Hong Kong based company that sells lots of cheap stuff (free shipping), I recently ordered something awesome there (picture will be posted when I get the item).

I however noticed some rather comical translations / bizarre statements on many of the item descriptions :)

  1. “Provide ultra comfortable touch feeling for your grapping” -Ipod cover
  2. “The USB wire is long enough for you” -Keyboard
  3. “It is comfortable to use and it is hard for you to feel tired” -Same Keyboard
  4. “.. makes it resistant to dirty” -Other Keyboard
  5. “It is convenient for you to write some secret to friends and send them out into the black light to embarrass yourself” -Invisible ink pen
  6. “Internet & multimedia make you feel more comfortable” -Yet anohter Keyboard
  7. “No need to be afrad of falling people down” -Wii wireless bar
  8. “Power to the music with a car charger adapter…” - Ninteno DS car charger
  9. “The change of LED color will be subject to the temperature of water, which is more modern and humanistic“ –Shower Head
  10. “It can remind you when there is a call coming and avoid much trouble” -Key chain phone sensor
  11. “Suitable for home maintenance, outdoor activities, hiking, map reading, night fishing, night flying, camping, sailing, caving, hunting, etc.” -Tiny key chain led flashlight
  12. “No need to drive” -Webcam
  13. “Fantastic gift for your female friends” -Comb
  14. “Completely inoffensive to men and pets” -Mosquito repellent
  15. “These professional scissors cut straight and accurately in no time with just the press of a button” – Scissors
  16. “Chip-wide design, not more secure smooth hand injury” -Motherboard POST card
  17. “Simply insert a photo into the slot on the top and be a plump lady at once” -Wonder Woman photo holder

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