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Silly Norwegian names

In Norway everyone who pays taxes is put in a public database which says how much money they make and how much tax they pay, and which year they are born. This of course is pretty controversial and each year there is a big debate when the new list is released.

Personally I don’t care, but the upside is that this list can be used to find silly/funny/awesome names :D

  • 2 people in Norway is named Jack Bauer
  • 3 people have Batman as middle name, 1 as last name
  • Only 1 person has Superman as middle name
  • 3 people have MacGyver as middle name
  • over 100 foreigners have the last name “Moradi” which in Norwegian translates to “Yourmother”
  • 5 people have Skywalker as the middle name
  • 12 People have Picard as last name (which is why my application to have my middle name changed to Picard was denied.. Since there are so few Picards in Norway, I would have to get a written permission from all of them to use that name) :(
  • There is a guy in Norway named Frodo
  • A 23 year old girl with the last name Stalin
  • Peter Griffin pays tax to Norway
  • A guy in Norway is actually named Bruce Campbell
  • 22 people have the last name “Leet”
  • 3 Aragorns
  • One guy has the following middle names: “Gimli Arn Macgyver Chewbacka[SIC] Highlander Elessar”
  • 3 people have Thrall as last name
  • 4 people are actually have Virgin as their last name
  • While 3 people have Troll as their last name
  • 1503 Khans, but only 66 Kirks…
  • 9 Inaras, 16 Zoe’s, 4 Cobb’s, 2 Kaylee’s and 7 Malcolms :)
  • 1 Girl has Buffy as middle name
  • 5 people have Angel as first name
  • 2 people have Angelus as first name :o
  • 1 Guy is named “Giles Rupert” (close enough I guess ) :)

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