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In Soviet Trondheim, road hits YOU!

Hehe, I was just on my way to my first hour of motorcycle driving practice. I was driving my scooter, and I was driving reasonably slow, maybe around 20-25 km/h (although, in hindsight.. I should PERHAPS have driven even slower) :)

Anyway, as I’m about to exit a roundabout, the rear wheel looses it’s grip and the scooter starts sliding sideways. oh, did I mention it was raining? well, it was and that roundabout was unbelievably slippery.

So there I was, sliding sideways knowing all to well what was about to happen, and as the crablike movement of the scooter slowed it down, the rear tire finally got a hold of the road again. This of course made the scooter throw me off like the angry little plastic pony it is.

scooter accident

“Artist” rendering of the accident

So I flew trough the air about a meter or two, hit the road elbow first. Luckily the Road broke my fall, and seeing that I was wearing a full motorcycle dress, I could just get up and drive on.

I actually seem to recall a tiny voice inside my head going “Wheeeee!” in mid air,

The results of this interesting experience is:

  • A small scratch on the helmet
  • A bruised elbow
  • A little less paint and plastic on the scooter
  • The deformation of the forward brake handle.

I feel a bit soar on the right elbow, hip, and upper chest, but otherwise I’m fine.. Sitting in the couch watching Macgyver like I’m supposed to, Just 2 more episodes left and I can start on season 4 :)

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