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Looking forward to E3 2011

It’s almost time for E3, where the Gaming studios release lots of new info, screenshots and videos from the games they are working on.


This year I only got a few games I’m excited about:

X-Com (2K Games/Take-Two)

I’m a huge fan of the original X-Com games, but so far I’ve been unimpressed by the video (the black blob being chased around). But hopefully some more interesting gameplay footage will be released.

Battlefield 3 (Electronic Arts):

Not really a big FPS gamer, but I enjoyed Bad Company 2 alot, and Battlefield 3 looks awesome.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda):

Never finished Oblivion (was not a huge fan of the combat system), but if time permits I might play Skyrim.

Dead Island (Deep Silver):

Got noticed for the really awesome trailer, but not so sure about the game itself. Seems like Left 4 Dead with minor RPG elements added. It seems to focus very much on melee combat, and I’m afraid it will be too much of a hack and slash game (not a fan).

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Electronic Arts):

Saved the best for last. I hope they will provide LOTS of new information and gameplay videos from the latest builds. This is the game I’m looking the most forward to as of 2011, and I’m definitely going to play it when it’s released.

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