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The need for speed

I finally got around to implement the new ship system for the Trekwar game.

Ships are no longer static objects with fixed attributes (weapon, shields, armor, etc..).

All ships are no based on a specific hull, which has some base armor and crap, + X number of slots you can put equiptment in. Below is the starting ship of all factions in the game:

Ship slots

If you noticed that this is the design of a Maquis raider, give yourself a cookie!

I got lot of Starship components to add, and so far I’ve just added ‘Warp Core’, ‘Colonization module’, ‘armor’, ‘beam emitters’ (phasers) and ‘Shield emitters’.

One new thing I implemented today was ship speeds. Unlike in Civilizzation / Birth of the Federation, where units can only move 1 or 2 tiles each turn. Ships in Trekwar can have a speed of 1.0 (which lets it always move 1 tile each turn) or 0.7 like the colonization ship in the screenshot below:

Ship movement speed

The upper most ship is a scoutship with a speed of 1.0

The lower ship is a colonization ship with a speed of 0.7, that means when it starts moving it will generate 0.7 movement points.. this is not enough to move a full tile. The next turn it generates 0.7 more and then gets 1.4 movement points.. It can the move 1 tile, and has 0.4 movement points “to spare”.. On the third turn in this example it gets 1.1 movement points and can move again..

Ships with a speed below 1.0 will occationally “miss” a movement while moving a distance. Ships with speeds greater than 1.0 will occationally move 2 (or maybe even 3) tiles in a single turn.

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