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Road slippery when wet

I had a lovely highside on my scooter last year, and now I can add lowsides to my repertoire.

I was out having the first drive of spring, on a racing bike (I’m pretty sure these are the most uncomfortable bikes ever designed). I’ll say this for my friends Yamha YZF, the ergonomics might suck, but the front brakes are unbelievable :) In fact they are so good, that with a tiny amount of force they locked up the front wheel on wet asphalt and smacks me in the ground.

I was only doing around 25 km/h, so the bike is mostly fine except for a gear lever, left blinker (nobody uses blinkers in Trondheim anyway) and some plastic which will have to be fixed before it’s sold (My friend finally took to his senses and got a real bike, BMW F 800 GS, which I’m sure he’ll never let me ride) :D

Me personally am fine, my right hand got a little bruised but nothing serious. What I don’t get is how my right hand got hit when I lowsided to the left, especially since my head broke the fall:

Shoei helmet scratched

Maybe I should get a new helmet, or at least a visor before spring really hits Trondheim and I get my bike from winter storage.

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