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Google maps API

I was checking out Sven’s page, and found his awesome map of trails (“greenlanes”) in his neighborhood.

I have my own map, but this is on my google maps, so not really very user friendly or manageable, so today I decided to try and use the google maps API.

google maps integration

I’m pretty pleased with the result, a single .html file with almost only javascript. Now I can just export the paths and add a single line in the .html file and the new track will be added to the maps and menu. I’m going to add sorting of the tracks by difficulty, length and maybe based on their distance from Trondhiem sometimes later.

The page is very easy to use, and if you want to make a list of tracks (or any form of lines), just check out the page source code which has 3 simple instructions on how to get it working

I probably won’t be adding many tracks until around the start of May.

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