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Carl Sagan day!

Today (Just passed midnight, so here in Norway it’s Saturday 6th) is Carl Sagan day, the day each year where we celebrate the greatest human to ever walk this planet, Carl Sagan.

Carl Sagan

If I had to choose a favorite person of all of history, it would without any doubt be professor Sagan. A professor of astrophysics, and awesome scientist. He’s most known for being an important part of SETI and his PBS documentary Cosmos, which is a very good show and if you haven’t watched it, it’s definitely worth your time (note, the first episode might be a bit dull for some peoples taste, but it gets better from the second episode). Unfortunately I will be traveling to Spain Saturday, so will not be able to celebrate the day as much as I’d like.. But I will be watching my favorite episode of Cosmos, and maybe go out and have a glimpse at the stars if the weather permits.

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