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Leilon map (Forgotten Realms)

Are your players heading west on the Triboar trail, leaving Phandalin behind?

Here is a map of Leilon, moved closer to the sea to make it a coastal town

Player Version

Leilon map

DM Version

Leilon map


A smaller town with a population of 3000, being ruled by Pelindar Filmarya and part of the Lords Alliance. It’s economy consists of mining (copper, nickel, silver) and fishing. Most of the trade is with Neverwinter and Waterdeep.

  • The Mere of dead men is to the south, a swamp with Lizardfolk and other challenges for lower level play
  • No deepwater port, barges have to move goods out to visiting ships
  • There are no city walls but part of the town is protected by wooden palisades and an army of around 200 soldiers.
  • An abandoned wizard tower (The high tower of Thalivar) has enticed adventurers for years

High Tower of Thalivar

This tower is protected by a petrification ward, anyone getting within 200 feet will instantly start turning to stone

Points of Interest


Eastern/Southern Gate


Rheuben’s Vault of Wonder

Monastery (Shou)

Philow’s (General store)

The Hammer and the Forge (Blacksmith)

Melina’s Vials and potions (Alchemist)

The Orc’s tusk

Knights Goblet

The Sword of Leilon


Leilon Castle

Leilon Academy

South Shore

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